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July is always a busy month, but this July is grueling. I’m in a major push to get a solid, clean draft of HER PERFECT LIFE written. And because of the subject matter, this novel is ripping me up emotionally in a way no book I’ve written before has done.

I wonder if that will come through in the book. If readers will feel all I feel in writing it. I know from experience that a writer must feel to infuse a book, but I wonder if the level of that infusion runs consistent with the level the writer feels. That I don’t know–yet. But I plan to seek feedback from readers so that I do once HER PERFECT LIFE has been published next April and readers have had time to read it and respond.

In the past few days, I’ve been focusing intently on the book and on two other projects, both of which are conference related. RT Daytona. I’m putting together the action/adventure panels of speakers. I’ve been fortunate with this; the people asked are strong writers in the genre and they’ve agreed to do it.

The second aspect of this same conference is a tea to honor the military. It is with a humble heart that I participate in that one with Catherine Mann.

The second conference uppermost in mind is the RWA Reno conference. I’m doing a workshop there on writing the action/adventure heroine on Friday morning with Associate Senior Editor for Bombshell novels, Natashya Wilson. Beginning next week, I’ll be focusing intently on pulling together handouts that bring in the opinions of a lot of leading writers in this subgenre. I really want to try to give those who attend a strong cross-section of the types of writing that have successfully fit in established lines with publishers.

As these things are going on, so is Mother Nature. She’s cranking up, and we felt the first sting yesterday with Tropical Storm Cindy. Most of the day was spent under tornado watches–and what wasn’t, was largely spent under warnings. Today we have sun. But we are also dead-center in the path of Hurricane Dennis. Heaven knows I don’t wish him on anyone else, but a miracle to have it dissipate would sure be lovely. So many in our area still haven’t recovered from Hurricane Ivan last year. If this one strikes here, too, many will be disheartened. So if you’re reading this, and wouldn’t mind, please add your good thoughts for them.

I awakened to the news of London being bombed. It is positively cowardice to strike innocent civilians like this, and absolute idiocy to think that these type attacks serve any constructive purpose.

Many oppose this war on terror. But that doesn’t make it less real or less apt to continue. If you doubt it, ask Spain. They were told if they withdrew from fighting the war, they would be spared. They withdrew and were bombed. Hundreds of thousands in England protested the war, and yet they’ve been bombed, too. That these people do this senseless acts in the name of God is just unforgivable. We are weeping. He must be weeping. How could He not be weeping?


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Vicki Hinze

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