DuplicityTest“Written in the tradition of A Few Good Men, this highly suspenseful story of a solitary woman’s fight against an evil military conspiracy is one readers won’t want to put down.”- Library Journal

“Hinze’s suspense-filled novel is one that will keep the reader turning pages and trying to guess the next moves in a complex and intriguing plot.”-Raleigh News and Observer

“An exciting read. Guaranteed to keep you entertained.” — Rocky Mountain News

“[A] page-turner that fuses thriller and romance. Hinze has a knack for combining compelling realistic characterizations with suspense and a romantic plot line.”- Publisher’s Weekly

“Keeps the suspense going until the last page. Hinze’s books demand justice.”-The Bay Beacon

“Vintage Hinze. If you like well-plotted suspense with your romance, if you like clues and curves at a roller coaster pace, Duplicity is for you. It’s a page-turner, and don’t skip a page.”- The Courier Herald

“Hinze exploded on the scene with Shades of Gray and continues her meteoric rise with Duplicity. Finding a new niche in the romance genre takes rare courage and fortitude, but like Ms. Hinze’s heroines, she displays these admirable traits with the discovery of a category one can only call military romance. Clear an entire shelf for this author’s work, she doesn’t disappoint, making her a sure candidate for the bestseller’s list. Very Highly Recommended.” — BookBrowser

“A fast-paced novel with plenty of twists and turns and a lot of great insight into the world of the military…you will not be disappointed in this action-packed thriller.” – Interludes

“The theme is so strong that as each piece of the puzzle is uncovered, another gap or connection is revealed, and the characters quite frequently find themselves uncertain as to which is the right path. Duplicity weaves throughout. The result is a story of suspense, cleverly drawn.”–

“Military romantic suspense fiction has gained a blazing new star! Vicki Hinze continues to work her special magic, with the elements of romance, danger, and intrigue.” – Romantic Times

“When it comes to the military romance sub-genre, there are no Shades of Gray that Vicki Hinze is one of the top guns. Duplicity has cross-genre appeal to the legal thriller crowd. Crisp, action-packed, and filled with insight into the world of military justice and honor. If justice prevails, Ms. Hinze will quickly reach the top of multiple best selling lists.”- Harriet Klauser

“Wow! A spellbinding book. A true page turner. The way [Hinze] pulls you into the action with the characters is so incredible. There are so many hurdles to overcome, so many emotions, feelings, and situations that leave you reeling, you won’t want to put it down until you see the story through to the very end. Bravo!”- Old Book Barn Gazette

“A fast-paced thriller sure to please readers with its intensity.” 5 BELLS. – Bell, Book & Candle

“Hinze has skyrocketed to the top of the military romantic suspense sub-genre. Duplicity is not only a keeper, but a prime contender for the best romantic suspense of the year!” – RFF, American Online

“Grips the reader from page one, and like a tenacious bullfrog holds them enthralled until the last line.”– Reader to Reader

“Powerful.”– Subversion

“[A] tautly crafted thriller… A roller coaster ride of sizzling suspense, deadly betrayal, and courage.”– Merline Lovelace, Colonel USAF (Ret)

Other Reunion Stories:


“Tense, breathless, multi-layered – and highly recommended.”

                                                                 –Lee Child on NOT THIS TIME



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